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Olson Pain and Stress Management Associates are devoted to providing the highest quality of care for patients with chronic pain and stress. We offer a flexible approach to pain management from simple evaluation and recommendations to a full multidisciplinary consultation. Our team of caring professionals, including Dr. Elaine Olson MD and Dr. David Olson MD, offers treatments that have had a practical effectiveness for people in pain.

In addition to treating and managing chronic pain and stress we promote wellness through changing attitudes and lifestyles. We offer a variety of treatment options including alternative medical therapies for those who have failed traditional medical management and those who present with complex psychosocial issues.

Evening and weekend appointments are available. For more information or to schedule an appointment call

847-520-8830     Phone
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We are affilated with most major medical plans including; Actna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Signa, Humana, Medicare, and United Health Care. Please call us for further information.


Olson Pain and Stress Management Associates
Dr Elaine Olson MD
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